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Welcome to Creative Cupcake!

Welcome! I'm Lily and i am 14, I have created this website to show people some of my creations. You're probably all wondering, what's with the name Creative Cupcake? Well I decided on this name because I wanted a way to show that this is about creativeness... And the cupcake because..... well....... WHO DOESN'T LOVE CUPCAKES!?

Now back on track! I made this website to show everyone my creations and get some feedback on the things I make. You're probably all wondering what I will be making? Well I love crafts, sewing and SWEETS! So I shall be posting photos of things I create be it art, clothing or food!! The clothes I make will probably mostly be of cosplay and costumes because ever since I was little I have loved the clothes they wear on anime! It has always been my dream to make the clothes they wear! I just find them so adorable and stuff!

If people like what I do I will start typing down the instructions for them :) and do tutorials if they want ^-^ I will probably type down the recipe for the food I make and post up... I shall just do it for all things! :D haha. This is probably a really big welcome so i'm going to cut it short... I hope you enjoy looking through my page and get some great ideas from it!
See ya!!!! :3

Visitor's notice

If you would like to know more about me in the blog section there will be some information! Have a great day! :3