About me!

29/07/2012 22:33

I'm Lily and I am 14 years old! I live in Western Australia and I love crafts, sewing, sweets and sleeping! Ever since I was little I loved the clothes and food they ate in anime. The first anime I ever watch and will forever love is Sailor Moon! It is amazing and who can hate it? Every person I have talked to has at least seen Sailor Moon once or have heard of it. It is one of those animes that basically everyone knows! :)

My dislikes are maths, spiders(scary!! ;_;) and other things and school. Now I know a lot of people dislike school but I only do because the school I attend has nothing that will really give me that extra PUSH into helping me in achieving my goals and dreams. My dream is to either have a little bakery filled with yummy sweets and be open for breakfast, while another is to either be a professional cosplayer(if that's even a job, it would be awesome if it was >:3) and ANOTHER one is to make costumes, props, and ect. I have seen people on youtube show there creations and do commisions and I might do that if theres nothing like that :) Also I suppose I wouldn't mind becoming an Art Teacher! It would be fun (but like in a primary school) :D So basically if I want to make my own things like clothes and things I can't really learn it at school because I don't have any classes for sewing or crafts. And I can't really take outside classes because they probably cost a fortune and I don't really have that money... :l But I will just work really hard at home and search up patterns and all those things that will help me towards my future!! X3 << Determined faceeeeeeeeeeeeee

I have a sister who LOVES Photography and making Videos, maybe I'll post some photos of her work on here? She does amazing work and makes amazing movies. She has a dream of becoming a film director or photographer and no ones going to stop her. She loves what she does and that's what I admire so much about her :D

This is basically why I started this website of mine... To get feedback and improve on what I make and to improve on the skills I need to achieve my dreams! >:3


I guess I should explain a bit of my personality ^-^
Well... Let's jut say, I'm shy - but REALLY loud if I know you well and I get distracted REALLY easily and can go off into another world and completely miss whatever anyones saying. This often happens when i'm in class which really isn't good... :( I try my best but I just can't focus on things I don't like, if it's something I like I am practically a teachers pet! Haha. There's alot more about my personality but I just really can't think about any at the moment haha.
Well I hope you enjoy the things I post on this page and have a wonderful day! :3


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