Crayon Melting Art

Crayon Melting Art


- Canvas

- Crayons

- Hot glue gun

- Hair Dryer



  1. Pick out the colours you want to use and line them up until you run out of space on the canvas.
  2. Using a glue gun, make a line of glue across the crayons (if you want a certain part showing, like the label, be careful to put the glue on the opposite side). Quickly place onto the canvas in a line with the tips facing down.
  3. Now before blow drying the crayons, this is optional, if you wanted a little person or figure below (like I have done with mine) then you should first draw it on with a black gel pen.
  4. Since we don't want crayon running down onto your figure then just cut out, if you are going with the umbrella, a semi-circle so it will cover the umbrella. See picture as a reference.
  5. Line your floor and the bottom of your wall with newspaper, place the canvas against the wall, and get your blow dryer ready to go! It will splatter a bit so make sure you have covered the floor and surrond walls.
  6. It took me around... 30-50 minutes to finally get nearly all the colours to melt.
  7. (This is optional) After gettiing all the colours to melt, I went back over certain colours that I wanted to go further down the canvas. I aimed the heat at the middle of the canvas to melt some of the chunks of wax and get them to drip all the way nearly to the bottom of the canvas.

I hope you enjoy this mini project, look forward to more :)