Luna P Tutorial

Luna P Tutorial


- Scissors

- Glue(one that drys quickly!)

- A ball(rather small)

- Felt sheets(white, blue, pink, yellow, navy blue)

- Wire

- Foam ball(small)

- Spray Paint(navy blue)

Grab some reference pictures!

1. The first thing you want to do is spray paint your ball.
2. While you are waiting for it to dry, you can get on to cutting Luna P's face! Grabbing your yellow felt, draw a crescent moon for the forehead- make the moon a bit fatter and curving in, and make sure to look at lots of photos of Luna P. After you're happy with the way it looks, cut it out.
3. Next are the eyes! Using your white felt, draw a circle and cut it in half. These will be the outsides of Luna P's eye. Next grab your blue felt- this’ll be for the inside of Luna P's eye. You want to cut it something like this: ( ), and you will also want to make the top a bit rounder to fit in the eye. After altering the eye to fit you can then glue it to the white felt (try to get it in the middle). I decided to get the white and cut a little circle out andput it in the top right of the inside of the blue, I think this gave it more emotion. :)
4. Now it's time for the mouth! Luna P's mouth is just basically a simple cats mouth, while it's nose is an oval shape. So grab your pink felt and cut that out!
5. Finally the ears! Now what you want to do is draw a rather big triangle only with curves on the outside. Grab your navy blue felt (try to get it to the same colour as the spray paint!) and once you are happy with the sizing cut two pieces out! Next you want to grab your pink felt, the same you used for the mouth and nose, and do the exact same thing except this time you have to make the triangle smaller than the navy blue triangles. Now before gluing them together you want
to grab some wading and make ANOTHER triangle but this time smaller than the pink one! This is so the ear doesn't look so flat, and has a bit of volume to it.
6. After cutting all of the triangles out, you want to glue the wading to the navy blue triangles first and make sure you glue it in the central area of the bottom of the triangle. Grab your pink triangles and glue them over the wadding, making sure that you hide all of it.
7. The cutting is finally over! But before you starting gluing there is one thing you have to do before hands. Notice how Luna P has a wire coming out of the top of its head, with a little white ball attached to the top. So what you want to do is cut off a bit of wire, and add a bit extra to the length of how much you actually want it; I'll explain why in a second. Attach the foam ball to one of the ends of the wire.
8. Grab the ball and try to find the little air hole. Once you’ve found it, put
some glue right in there and stick in the end of the wire, which doesn’t have the ball attached to it. Now before putting it in you want to fold it a few times and test it before actually putting in the wire. Depending how long your glue dries for, you'll have to wait there for a bit holding it.
9. Once it is finally sturdy and in, it's time to glue on the face! Use the air hole to determine where everything will go. If you want you can mark it before actually gluing on the final product. First put the moon on (try to make it close to the wire, but not too close), and then add on the eyes (you want to put down the white felt first, and remember to use the moon as a way of showing you where everything should go). Add in the blue eyes and (if you have them) the white dots. The next thing to glue is the nose (you want to put this half on the eyes and in the centre), and then you put the mouth right under the nose.
10. The ears... A dreadful thing... But anyway. Thanks to the wading, it will be much easier to glue on! Use the air hole to align where they should be, then you just place one where you think it would look like Luna P (use reference pictures!! It will help heaps!). Once you’ve found that spot, put the glue across the bottom of the ear (you can put more on the wading if you wish, it will stick better that way) and HOLD!!! Depending on your glue it will still take a while to actually stick, so you might be there for a while. Once you think it is done, simply test it a bit, but make sure not to overexert it, or it might just break off (and then you’ll have to do it ALL over again!). Now repeat the same thing on the other side, and remember to line it up and put it where you think best.


CONGRATULATIONS! You have just made yourself a Luna P! I hope you enjoy this tutorial and good luck! :)